What is Science Championship?

Science Championship gives us an opportunity to assess and evaluate our understanding of the concepts we have learnt. It encourages child to constructively engage in and prepares them for future competition.

Students get access to the package for an academic year, where they can practice any number of times before they appear for the Championship which will be conducted twice in an year. From each class/ grade, there will be three winners announced and every champ is entitled to receive a participation badge.
After the registration is done on our website, the students can access the study material which is in the form of a digital question bank. The questions pattern is - objective questions, MCQs, fill in the blanks, multiple fill in the blanks, True/False etc.
Exams for Winners is conducting exams at National & International level for State board, International board, ICSE, IB & CBSE boards for class I – VII.

Go through the FAQs to know more about the Science Champ.

Yes, you can enroll your child for more than one standard. Also, you can purchase package of their academic grade and/or any grade above that as well.

Yes, if the child is appearing for a standard higher than his/her own academic standard and tops the group with highest score and least average time taken to solve, in that case the child will be awarded with a winner's certificate. There will 3 winners from every standard. If the child is contesting for senior classes also and happens to win the contest, in that case the child will get a participation certificate and not the winner's certificate.

Yes, if the child wins the championship with highest score or least average time, then the child can be winner in multiple standards. Winner's certificate and participation badge will be entitled to children who are the winners of the class to which they actually belong and not for the other grades.

For appearing in test, no ID card is required. however, in case of winners the documents requested by the Exams for winners’ team should be submitted as per time lines given.

Interested students can participate in Science Championship by registering themselves on the website irrespective of their board.

Registration process is available on-line and off-line for new and existing admissions. New students can send request at – info@examsforwinners.com or may contact on +91 9820842308

On-line process
Interested student can fill the registration form by visiting our website www.examsforwinners.com to complete the process.

Off-line process
Interested student can contact us via email or telephone and our team will help them in closing their registration.

For Schools
Schools can contact us via email or phone for registration of their school students .

The Championship will be conducted in the month of November'20 and March'21.

There will be 50 one-mark questions and the duration of the exam will be 60 mins. There is no negative marking for incorrect answers.

The one time discounted participation fee for grades 1st to 6th is INR 499/.(This is a limited time period offer)

Science Championship is conducted only in English Language.

Yes, the student can take part in all the subjects according their interest and as per the eligibility.

Students with highest accuracy is considered as winner. In-case of multiple student with same accuracy, average time taken to solve will be tie breaker, which means student with lesser average time taken to solve the question will be the winner.

Students can get preparation material of Championship from Website: www.examsforwinners.com where students get access to the question bank as per the subject and standard chosen while registration.

Championship are competitive exams held at the national level. These exams are introduced in order to improve and enhance the problem solving skills and analytical skills. It helps students to recognize their talent and build confidence that would help them to be ready for future competitions. Preparation for championship does not require any extra classes or lectures to be attended. We can be Championship ready when we regularly practice and focus on the areas we lack in. Here are some useful study tips which will help you prepare rightly for Olympiads.

Know the syllabus -
One should go through the syllabus and have a fair idea on what topics the Championship focuses on. Once you are clear with what you need to study, you can make a strategy accordingly.

Plan and schedule you study -
The one preparing for Championship need to plan his / her study accordingly. Proper time and practice to each and every topics should be scheduled and followed thoroughly. Scheduling helps in making it easy for the student to focus more on the learning and decreases the pressure of study.

Every student has his or her unique sets of skills and talents. These hidden skills and talents of the student need to be discovered. Therefore, Championship lend a hand to lift up the learning ability of the student and enhance his / her knowledge. Appearing for championship benefit in understanding and improving the concept that a student studies or learns in the school. The level of Championship paper is way higher than the regular academic exams and its unique and easy learning concepts are well structured by the subject experts knowing the learning ability of the student. Problem solving skills, analytical thinking, writing skills, reading ability, and reasoning ability is enhanced. These skills remain with the child for a long run. Also, awards and special recognitions help students stay motivated and the sense of encouragement stays within them. With these students take more interest in their studies which makes them prepared for other upcoming challenges.

Championship are competitive exams that are held at the national and international level. Many students from various schools across the nation take part in these competitive Exams. Mostly Championship are considered as an extra burden on the students. But, when actually understanding the benefits an Championship Exam provides definitely changes the opinion. Apart from providing extra knowledge, these competitive exams gives an opportunity for students to showcase their talent on a big platform. Competing students of the same age group builds confidence in them. Many essential skills of a student are enhanced. Importantly, it makes students learn that no competition is hard when they practice thoroughly.

Students appearing for Championship do not have to worry about the preparation. Championship generally follows the regular school syllabus. This means the students’ academic knowledge get enhanced and is been multiplied. Referring of either regular academic books or the available Question bank can make a lot help in the preparation. Variety of questions covering various different topics that requires logical reasoning, problem solving, and critical thinking skills are designed and put together in the Championship Question Bank. All you need to do is, stay focused and practice thoroughly. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses by looking at analytical report . Studying for Championship is just like regular study, but a proper schedule and practice to be made on day to day basis. Sticking and abiding by the planned schedule benefits in achieving desired goals.

Yeah! There is no second opinion on whether it’s worth to get good at Science Championship. Science is an important and applies to every part of our life. It teaches us to understand the 'why' and 'how' of the things around us. For example, why is the sky blue, why are the leaves green etc, how does the clock work? Understanding of scientific concepts develops the cognitive faculties of the child. Science Championship not only adds in new information but also helps in enhancing and improving the existing knowledge. Excelling in Science increases the academic performance which leads to a better future of the student.

Science plays an vital role in explaining and creating new things. The exhaustive question bank provides ample practice opportunity for the students. After studying the concepts, they can visit our digital question bank and assess their understanding. Sticking to the planned schedule help in covering up the lacking areas to get cleared. Time is more precious. Make a proper use of time while studying. Give each topic its separate time and understand it thoroughly. This question bank helps in minimizing the efforts that a student might take to search for the best pick of study material and facilitates to focus more on improving his / her performance.