Try and touch the boundaries of knowledge and possibilities to be future ready. As educators, we value learning by practicing.

Our mission is to prepare you for leadership roles in rapidly changing world.

Industries are facing massive disruption. Of the 4.5 m people employed in the industry today, 1.5 -2 m are expected to require reskilling in the next 4-5 years. Our test series and training programs are aligned with what is needed today and in future.

Emotional, intelligence, academics, innovation and future skills is what we work on.

Our Test Series

Our Student Say

"A great platform to learn about the automation tools and the need of time to be future ready.... The way Amit sir is leading us is awesome and the efforts for each individual he is making I really Appreciate it.... I bet no one can beat it. Happy learning and welcome to the world of automation"

- Pawan Chaurasia

"It is wonderful experience with RUHH ROBOTICS... I really appreciate Amit sir who always gave 100% effort to explore new technologies and make their student knowledgeable....... I feel proud to be part of RUHH ROBOTICS"

- Sunil Singh

"RUHH-ROBOTICS has been providing training that is in sync with the paradigm shifts happening in the industry landscape towards building talent that is employable and job-oriented, ready for the modern digital workplace in any country."

- Atul Pathak

"Ruhh Robotics is an excellent place specially because of Amit teaching with great passion to ensure knowledge is imparted to each and every student. Gives a new perspective to look at things and enhance your skills."

- Ropom Lahiri

"It is fun to learn with Ruhh Robotics, If you really want to upgrade yourself then dont waste time and join Ruhh Robotics. You will get well explanation by examples using easiest teaching technique. Thanks to Amit for putting so many efforts to make us knowledgeable."

- Anant Saitawdekar

"Ruhh Robotics provides training on the skills that highly in demand. The delivery of training is amazing and the content is very extensive which helps us to revise and remember all that was taught"

- Niyas Hussan

"Amit Rai is passionate about training and that reflects in his content and style of delivery. Keep up the good work... you certainly have raised the benchmark..."

- Anuj Sharma

"The course content is very well structured with easy explanation."

- Anjali Bahuguna

"The professional power pack course is amazing, training is extensive after training support is also given. Thank u Ruhh robotics"

- Ishan Ish

"Best development programs, with so much of passion it is one of the best place if you are looking for upgrading your self and adding value to your career."

- Vikram Singh