RUHH Robotics team of professionals focuses on unlocking knowledge and in empowering the minds. We continue our endeavour to deliver the best of knowledge and skill to the students of Partner Colleges, Institutions and Companies. We have been doing so while being cognizant of the changes taking place in the global environment, and in particular, the technology and business trends reshaping the world. The most disruptive of these developments is Digital Transformation (DT), which is also being referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It is therefore becoming imperative for individuals, organizations and even for nations to equip themselves with Digital Transformation skills to ride the Digital wave. In this scenario, RUHH-ROBOTICS has been providing training that is in sync with the paradigm shifts happening in the industry landscape towards building talent that is employable and job-oriented, ready for the modern digital workplace in any country. Our team helps students to find additional resources to help them succeed, become independent learners, enrich their lives and use the content to tackle some of our world’s most difficult challenges such as sustainable development and climate change.


Keeping pace with the latest changes and development in the Industry, RUHH ROBOTICS has designed its comprehensive overall development Test Series. We have created a robust testing engine, which gives you access to an exhaustive set of tests, which is aligned with the existing disruptive market needs. We also provide classroom and online webinar lectures from India’s top and most experienced faculty. Our test series covers all aspects of overall personality development which includes Emotional Intelligence, Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Psychometric Assessment, Academic skills, Subject specific skills, Competitive Examination related skills, Engineering skills and many more. Access to our platform is all that you need to check and accelerate your level of preparedness, and to be FUTURE ready!

Emotional Intelligence

Designed to get you thinking about the various competences of emotional intelligence as they apply to you.

Intelligence Quotient

Designed to measure your ability to reason and solve problems.

Creative Learning

Designed to make learning more fun for students/professionals, where they can learn faster and can increase their performance.

Campus To Corporate Learning

Designed to bridge the gap between the Campus and the Corporate : increasing employability opportunities.

Our target audience

We are specialized in developing future skills. We work as a catalyst to accelerate your learning process.

Our target audience:
  • Colleges who are looking for better placements in disruptive market conditions
  • College Students who wants to master their academic and future skills
  • Schools who are looking at focusing more on student’s foundation
  • School Students who want to better place themselves in any form of competitive examinations
  • Corporates who are looking for hiring candidates with right skills

College Students Overall Development Strategy

We conduct students pre assessment and our team of experts perform analytics on the assessments to identify the training needs. We use sniper approach for training and our team of professionals conduct focused training program for segmented students. The training program is spread across a year to ensure that student gets enough time to convert the AOI’s into success story for them. The access to our learning resources will be given to the students. Focused Learning yield results and practice is all you need


Snippets of Training Program conducted in past