Chapter 2 : R and R Studio Installation

Installing R on Windows

Step 1 : Go to CRAN Website (

Step 2 : Click on Download R on Windows

Step 3 : Click on install R for the first time

Step 4 : Click on Download R 4.0.3 for Windows

If you want to install some other version then you can search google for that particular version. In this example we are downloading R Version 4.0.3.

Step 5 : Run the Setup file

An R *.*.*.exe file will e downloaded on your system. You now need to double click on exe file.

In majority of cases, the file will be downloaded in your download folder.

You will see something to as shown below in the figure. You need to click on the next button.

It will ask you for a location to store setup files. Let the default option be as is and keep clciking on next. Do not change the default options.

Let the default option be as is and clcik on next. Do not change the default options.

Installation will start. Once done you can click on finish.

Installaing R Studio

RStudio is an integrated development environment (IDE) for R. It includes a console, syntax-highlighting editor that supports direct code execution.

The logo of R studio looks like as shown in the figure.

Step 1 : Open Google chrome and search for install R Studio

You can also click here to directly go to the installation page. (

Step 2 : Download R Studio

Download RStudio Desktop by clicking on Download button and you will be redirected to a page where you get the downloadable link.

Now click on the DOWNLOAd RSTUDIO FOR WINDOWS as shown in figure.

Wait for the installation file to get downloaded.

Go to your Download folder and run the setup file the way you have done it in Step 2.1.5.

This is it.

After running the setup file, your are done with the installation. Now we will start with programming on R Studio which as stated earlier is an IDE.

Be ready for the fun now!!!

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